Honda Marine BF4 Short Shaft Outboard Motor

Honda Marine BF4 Short Shaft Outboard Motor

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Portability, performance, reliability and user-friendliness are the hallmarks of this new portable engine model; the BF4 four-stroke outboard. The new BF4 is easy to start, easy to stop and easy to carry thus making it ideal for small fishing boats, inflatables and as an auxiliary motor. The new sleek design, the 1.5 L internal (built-in) fuel tank and the latest technology ensure the best-in-class performer title. It is available with either a short (38 cm/15 in.) or long (51 in.) shaft. Also, the consumers have the choice of an additional four different propeller options for the style that best fits their boating needs. The new BF4 with its smooth and quiet run, its longest continuous running time in its class and its technologies and features will deliver customers class-leading performance, reliability and ease of use for their small boats and inflatables. 

Single cylinder, 15" short shaft, manual start, tiller handle, internal fuel tank (1.5 L)


Type: 4-Stroke, OHV, 1 Cylinder / 2 Valves, water cooled
Displacement: 127 cc / 7.75 cubic in.
Bore & Stroke: 60 mm x 45 mm (2.36 x 1.77 in.)
Full Throttle RPM Range: 4,500-5,500 RPM
Rated Power: 4 HP @ 5,000 RPM
Cooling System: Water cooling with thermostat
Ignition System: Digital CDI
Fuel: Unleaded Gas. (Min. Pump Octane 86)
Starting System: Recoil
Lubrication: Trochoid pump pressure lubrication
Tilt Range: 3-Stage adjustment (18°- 34°- 58°)
Gear Ratio: 2.08:1 (13:27)
Steering Angle: 45° right and left
Propeller: 3-Blade (Aluminum)
Diameter x Pitch: 200 mm x 150 mm / 7-7/8 x 5-7/8 in.
Overall Width: 347 mm / 13.7 in.
S Type: 434 mm / 17.1 in.
L Type: 561 mm / 22.1 in.
S Type: 27 kg / 59.5 lb.
L Type: 27.5 kg / 60.6 lb.
Alternator with voltage regulator (Electric Start): Optional, 6 Amp/12 VDC charging kit

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Honda Marine BF4 Short Shaft Outboard Motor

Price: CA$2,029
2.3-20 HP - Portable
No color
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